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Xentry is a diagnostic software system developed by Mercedes-Benz for their vehicles. It is used by authorized technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot various electronic systems and components in Mercedes-Benz cars. Xentry provides comprehensive access to vehicle information, including reading and clearing fault codes, performing system tests, and programming modules. It is an essential tool for maintaining and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles, ensuring accurate and efficient diagnostics for optimal performance and reliability.

This is best and simplest activator for Xentry. Also offer various enhancements and additional features for the Xentry diagnostic software used with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They include the ability to activate Xentry using an offline account, easy switching between offline account mode and a login window created by Samik, key generators for special functions and DAS Standalone, error fixes, password bypass for DAS Special Functions, support for specific vehicle models in DAS Standalone, offline flashing capability, modified versions of HHTWin and SW Finder, WiFi connection restoration for DAS SDconnect, an Ignition Enabler for PassThru versions, a SEED Calculator UnlockECU, and Vediamo 4.02.02 with easy installation and activation. These plugins provide additional functionality and customization options for Xentry users.

What FulFix does:
1. Activate Xentry with offline account. – This part is obligatory. Then you can install addons if you wish.
2. Xentry login switcher. You can easy switch between offline account mode and no login window made by Samik.
3. ENTRY Special Functions Keygen v1.1 и DAS FDOK Keygen by ‘R00TR0w’ (aka DieTRih) modified by me.
4. DAS Standalone & DAS Simulation, And fix Error (18) by ‘R00TR0w’ (aka DieTRih) modified by Samik.
5. DAS Special Functions & password bypass by pesona.
6. Prototype in DAS. Adding 166, 197, 204, 207 and 212 DAS Standalone (have to install DAS Standalone).
7. Offline flash in DAS Standalone by pesona.
8. HHTWin by Azzatec, modified by Samik.
9. DAS SDconnect WiFi Connection Respawn by ‘R00TR0w’ (aka DieTRih).
10. Ignition Enabler (if you us PassThru version).
11. SEED Calculator UnlockECU by jglim, modified by Samik
12. Vediamo 4.02.02. Install and easy activation by Samik.
13. SW Finder v5.2 by necraxx, installer modified by Samik

Tested on Xentry 06.2022 and 09.2023. But is should work on all versions started from 2022 untill today!
– Secure boot in Bios must be DISABLED!!!
– Antivirus must either be DISABLED or you must set appropriate Antivirus exceptions to ensure that it does not interfere with the files!
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