LAUNCH X431 CRP123 OBD2 Professional Automotive Scanner Engine ABS SRS AT Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tools Free Update pk CR3008

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  • Brand Name: LAUNCH
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Hardware Version: 2022 version
  • Software Version: 2022 version
  • Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools
  • Certification: CE
  • Language: English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish
  • Software Update: Yes
  • Item name: LAUNCH CRP123
  • 4 System Diagnosis: ABS, Airbag, Engine , Transmission
  • Feature 1: check and Turn Off Warning Light
  • Feature 2: Read and Delete DTC’s
  • Feature 3: Read/Record/Playback Data stream
  • Feature 4: Live Data Graphing
  • Screen: 2.8inch
  • Print: Print diagnostic data
  • Storage: 16G
  • Update: Free Update online
  • Warranty: 1 Year

LAUNCH CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Car Diagnostic Tool, ABS Code Reader, SRS Scan Tool, Lifetime Free Update Scan Tool

LAUNCH CRP123- You deserve it !

1. Turn off the warning lights in the Engine ,ABS , Airbag and Transmission, Read and clear fault codes, view live data stream and

2. Real-time data stream analysis, reads, records, graphs and replays live data streams for engine, transmission, ABS and SRS systems.

3. Support obd2 full test , I/M Readiness, Data Stream, Freeze Frame, vehicle Information, O2 Sensors test, EVAP system test etc.

4. Data print, mechanics can print out the vehicle data for customer.

5.DTC lookup: reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes directly identify the code definitions on the screen.

6. Lifetime free online update.

LAUNCH CRP123 fits for Technician , advanced DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, home mechanic, DIY beginner etc.


English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish

Four System diagnosis of Engine / ABS /SRS/ Transmission

Transmission system

It makes great sense in the safe driving when your car is slipping or difficult to shift. This diagnostic scanner can figure the problems out via reading codes in the Transmission system, or check the health status via live data viewing.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS system)

Diagnosing an ABS problem should always start with a visual inspection of all brake components, next you will need to retrieve ABS codes to tell you where the problem is, and this is what this scanner does for you.

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS System)

SRS, safety restraint system, is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves, and this diagnostic device can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status

Engine System

The diagnostic tool can help detect the engine ignition, fuel injection, air and fuel ratio, and exhaust emission conditions in Engine system to enhance vehicle performance, save energy and reduce exhaust emission.

●Retrieve ECU information of the tested control units including unit type, version numbers, and other specifications, etc.
●Read & erase DTCs to locate problem areas and clear the codes.
●View Live Data of each parameter item.

Full OBD2 Check–Make a Better Detection for Car Engine System!

>>>>This section is specifically designed for the engine called the “car heart”. It is necessary to keep an eye on the engine status to ensure the efficient operation of the engine to ensure your travel safety. In addition, it can also be used before you send the car to the emission test.

●Read and Clear the fault codes, turn-off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)

●Built-in DTC look-up library with cause analysis

●Request On-Board Monitoring test results for specific monitored systems

●Display I/M readiness status. (Non-continuously Monitored Systems Test )

●Show Live Data in graphs such as engine RPM, temperatures, ignition advance, speed, etc

●Displays Freeze Frame data

●Request Vehicle Information

●Displays O2 Sensor test results

●Special control mode requests control of EVAP test.

Live Data Stream Analyse in 1 Graph

View Live Data Graphing of Engine/Airbag/ABS Systems, 4 Live Data Stream Analyse in 1 Graph: This OBDII automotive scanner shows live vehicle sensors data in text,multiple graph format. shows 4 live Readiness and allows you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters.

Function shows :

LAUNCH CRP123 Support Car Brands

for PEUGEOT , for USAFORD ,for GM ,for CHRYSLER ,for RENAULT ,for CITROEN ,for SUZUKI ,for BENZ ,for BMW ,for VW ,for HONDA ,for MITSUBISHI ,for NISSAN ,for TOYOTA ,for OPEL ,for MAZDA ,for VOLVO ,for FIAT ,for HYUNDAI ,for KIA ,for SUBARU ,for LANDROVER ,for PORSCHE ,for SEAT ,for SKODA ,for AUDI ,for SAAB ,for SMART ,for SPRINTER ,for JAGUAR ,for INFINITI ,for LEXUS ,for ACURA ,for EUROFORD ,for JPISUZU ,for HOLDEN ,for AUSTFORD

Lifetime Free Update

Provides lifetime free update online via a TF card or a USB cable at Launch official website , and print date via PC

1.OBDII cars includes:

USA cars after 1996; Europe cars after 2002; Aisa cars after 2008, Japan cars after 2005;
If you were not sure if you car is included or not, please leave us the information of your car, we will check for you.
Leave as this: car brand, model, year.

2. ENG/AT/ABS/SRS testing

When we say “car supported list”, we mean the car testing list for 4 system(ENG/AT/ABS/SRS). You will see the car supported list below, please remember that , that just for ENG/AT/ABS/SRS testing.
And for ENG/AT/ABS/SRS testing, it just supports the cars after 2006

LAUNCH CRP123 Packing List

1*LAUNCH CRP123 ODB II Scanner
1*USB Cable
1*OBD II Cable
1*Card Reader
1*User Manual
1*Installation / Registration Instructions

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