Autel XP400Pro key programming Tool Use with IM508 IM608 IM608Pro Upgraded Version of XP400 2022 Newest XP400PRO Key Programmer

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  • Brand Name: Autel
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Model: Autel XP400 PRO
  • Item Type: Key and Chip Programmer
  • Work with: IM508/ IM608 / IM608PRO
  • Better: XP400 Upgraded Version
  • Specical Functions: Add Key/All Key Lost
  • Update: Free Software Updates
  • Features 1: Expanded EEPROM functions for more component access
  • Features 2: 170 types Odometer component reading functions
  • Features 3: 180 Immobilizer ECU component types
  • Features 4: 40 Engine ECU component types
  • Features 5: 2000 MCU component types
  • Features 6: 440 EEPROM component types
  • Features 7: Compatible with IM508 and IM608
  • OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
  • Warranty: 1-Year

Autel XP400 Pro 2022 Newest Key Programming Accessory Tool Kit Working with IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro, Upgraded Version of XP400

XP400Pro programmer upgrade and improvement compare to XP400:

1. Fixed the problem of connecting the XP400 to the vehicle ODB connector causing the burnout of the device.
2. Fixed the stability problem of using APB102 IR key to read/write.
3. Upgrade the hardware of programmer, Chip read/write function is more stable and support more EEPROM chips.。
4. Fixed the problem of EERPOM adaptor APB101 can’ t read/write EEPROM chip and rename it as APA129.
5. Rename accessories APA104、APA105、 APA106 as APA107、APA108、 APA109.
6. APA108 and APA109 cable length is shorter than before, reducing the signal interference.

Autel XP400 PRO:

Autel XP400Pro is a replacement for XP400. It adds more functionality for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, as well as EEPROM reading. With the new protocols, the end-user will be able to read over 2000 (chips, components, devices) types including EEPROM and MCU Read, additional Odometer Read/Write, and more. Also, added functions for EWS3, W209, NEC, and more.

Main Features:

1.XP400PRO Advanced All-in-One Key Programmer
2.XP400Pro Key and Chip Programmer Reads/Writes and Learns Keys to the Vehicle
3.Performs EEPROM-data Functions Needed for European Vehicles
4.Enables Programming of Infrared Keys for Mercedes Vehicles and IC Chip Keys on Late Model Hyundai Kia Vehicles
5.Supports Data Read/Write of 3,000 Plus Chip Types (inc. EEPROM, engine ECU, MCU, IMMO ECU)
6.Compatible with the IM508, IM608 and IM608 Pro
7.Extended IMMO functions on BMW, BENZ and Audi etc.

Why You Need XP400 PRO ?

1.Expanded EEPROM functions for more component access
2.170+ types Odometer component reading functions
3.180+ Immobilizer ECU component types
4.40+ Engine ECU component types
5.2000+ MCU component types
6.440+ EEPROM component types
7.Compatible with IM508 and IM608, and the latest IM608 Pro

NOTE: XP400 Pro has been updated, it’s fixed XP400’s problem that it can NOT be connected to the vehicle OBD connector for that may cause burnout to XP400 mainboard. Please always be noted that XP400 Pro can perform IMMO functions only when connected with scanner and adapters such as APA104, APA105 etc.

Advanced Version of XP400:

XP400PRO as the Newest key programmer accessory kit, upgrated ver of XP400, XP400 Pro is added with more functionality for BMW, BENZ, as well as more powerful functions on EEPROM, MCU, ECU reading/writing. With the new protocols, XP400 Pro can read/write data of over 3,000 Chip Type to mostly satisfy your needs.

Autel XP400 Pro Car Key Programmer is designed to work with Autel IM508/ IM608 to expand the IMMO functions, including add a new key, IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption, IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding, Remote Learning, for AUDI Q5/ A4/A5 2015-2017 Key Learning, for VW MQB Key Learning, for BMW FEM/BDC/CAS4 Key Learning and Adaption etc.
NOTE: the IMMO functions are not all-vehicle supported

Compatibile With IM508, IM608, IM608PRO:

The XP400 Pro has been extended IMMO functionalities on BMW, BENZ and Audi etc., designed to work with IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro to perform various IMMO Key programmings, key chip programming functions, MCU writing and reading,etc. Auto Detect Make, Model, Year, System. Read PIN (All Key Lost), Key Learning, IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption, IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding, Remote Learning.

1.For AU-DI Q5/ A4/A5 2015-2017 Key Learning
2.For VW MQB Key Learning
3.For BM-W FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption
4.For BM-W CAS4 Key Learning and Adaption
5.For Merc-edes Key Learning
6.For 2015-2018 Land Ro-ver & Jag-uar write key via dump
7.For Vol-vo Smart Key Learning/ knob-style smart key, etc.

NOTE: IM608+ XP400 Pro is a very powerful tool combination to satisfy your needs of IMMO key programmings. However, if with limited budget, IM508+ XP400 Pro is a cost-effective combination for you to maximize the IMMO functions.

Unmatched Compatibility:

Autel XP400 Pro works with Autel IM508 get more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models coverded, especially XP400 Pro extended functionalities on BMW, BENZ and Audi etc.

● For Benz: One-tap Key Programming via OBD; 3rd Generation IMMO CAN-Line/ K-Line Add Key, All Key Lost;
● For BMW: Smart IMMO Programming (support EWS3/ 4, CAS 1/ 2/ 3/ 4, FEM/ BDC); Add Key/All Key Lost;
● For Volkswagen/Audi: One-tap Online Programming; Add Key/All Key Lost Via OBD for 2013-2020 Models;
● For GM: Read IMMO Password, Add Key/ All Key Lost up to 2020;
● For Ford: Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020;
● For Mazda: Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020 FCA; Read IMMO Password, Add Key/All Key Lost up to 2020;
● For Renault: Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020;
● For Land Rover/Jaguar: Add Key/All Key Lost up to 2019;
● For Volvo: Semi-smart Key Learning via OBD up to 2018; Smart/Blade/Fobik Key Learning via Dump.etc.

NOTE: The functions are not universal, send VIN to check.

XP400 Pro add support for following chips:

(1) EEPROM–> >AMD–>> AM29FXXX series chip;
(2) EEPROM–>> FUJITSU–>> MB29FXXXseries chip;
(3) EEPROM–>> ST–>> M29FXXXseries chip;
(4) Engine control module–>> ST–>> M29FXXXseries chip;
(5) IMMO–>> BENZ–>> ESL _W209_ _W906(Motorola) read/write/erase function;
(6) IMMO–>> BMW–> > EWS3 module read/write function;
(7) REMOTE RENEW(renew key)–>> NEC–>> V51 and V57 chip read/write/erase; (Supportoriginal dealer key learning with key dump mode.)

XP400 Pro adds support for following adaptor board (Need to Buy IMKPA Accessories Separately):

(1) APB113 PCF79XX adaptor;
(2) APB114 EWS3 adaptor;
(3) APB115 NEC adapter;
(4) APB118 NEC ELV adaptor;
(5) APB119 TB28FXXX adaptor;
(6) APB120 TMS370 adaptor;
(7) APB121 AM29FXXX adaptor;
(8) APB122 AM29FXXX adaptor;
(9) APB123 AM29FXXX adaptor;
(10) APB126 M35080/D80 adaptor board;
(11) APB127 MC68HC0(7)05BXX adaptor;
(12) APB128 MC68HC05X32 adaptor;

Autel XP400 Pro Package Includes:

1 x XP400 Pro Main Unite
1 x APB129 – EEPROM Adapter
1 x APA002 – EEPROM Socket
1 x APB125 – Mercedes Infrared Collector
1 x APB103 – MCU_PLCC52 Adapter
1 x APB104 – MCU_FQFP64 Adapter
1 x APB105 – MCU_FQFP80 Adapter
1 x APB106 – MCU_FQFP112 Adapter
1 x APB107 – MCU_FQFP144 Adapter
1 x APB108 – MCU_FQFP176 Adapter
1 x APB109 – MCU_FQFP32 Adapter
1 x APB110 – MCU_FQFP48 Adapter
1 x APB111 – MCU_SO28 Adapter
1 x APA101 – Spare Signal Cable
1 x APC101 – USB Cable (Standard USB –Type B USB)
1 x APA103 – EEPROM Clamp
1 x APA107 – ECU Cable
1 x APA108 – MCU Cable
1 x APA109 – MC9S12 Cable
1 x Dupont Line

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